Our Vision

To enable everyone to get the rights, services and respect they are entitled to.

Our Mission

We work in partnership with people who are facing difficulty or disadvantage to make sure their unique opinions, values and wishes are heard and acted upon.

Our Values

Equality: We promote fairness, human rights and citizenship. We challenge inequality and discrimination of all kinds.
Honesty: We build open relationships with respectful and inclusive communication.
Empathy: We believe that advocacy is a supportive and collaborative process. Where there is empathy, there is respect, growth and shared understanding.
Quality: We aim for the highest quality standards in everything we do.
Innovation: We are innovative and creative in our day-to-day work as well as the way we run our charity. Advocates constantly ‘think on their feet’; innovation is ingrained in our work.
Change: We believe that well-planned change is positive, possible and welcome. Advocacy is an effective agent of change and growth.
Partnership: We are dedicated to realising our vision. Where other people or organisations can help us to achieve this in better or more efficient ways, we welcome this wholeheartedly.

Our vision, mission and values were updated in April 2018, as part of our strategic planning process. They were developed collaboratively by trustees, advocates and managers over the course of a few months. We feel that they accurately reflect who we are as an organisation, and the work that we do.