Dorset Macmillan Advocacy

Dorset Macmillan Advocacy is here for one-to-one support, help, and advocacy for people over 50 affected by cancer. 

Our service is free, independent, non-judgemental, and confidential.

An advocate can be a valuable source of support if you are facing cancer alone. But even if you do have family support, you may find it easier to discuss concerns with someone you aren’t close to.

Around 90 older people affected by cancer are helped by our Macmillan Cancer Advocacy project every year.

How can we help you?

  • By listening, giving time and understanding
  • By finding information and explaining it
  • By looking into practical support options
  • By helping you to make choices
  • By speaking alongside you
  • By putting you first
  • By supporting you in your caring role.

What sort of questions do we get asked?

  • Is the treatment I’m starting the best for me? I’d like more information
  • Which agencies can help me to manage at home?
  • I need to sort out the questions that I want to ask the doctor
  • My friend is a great help but I want a real heart to heart
  • I’d like someone to come with me to my appointments.

For more information, please see the Dorset Macmillan Advocacy web site at

Where does this project operate?

This project operates in Dorset, Bournemouth, and Poole.