Important: referral information

Referrals to Care Act Advocacy used to be done via a webform. This form will stop working on the 17th March. All referral forms are now available from this website – click “Advocacy” above and go to the relevant Advocacy type (eg. Care Act) to find the form you need.

Dorset Advocacy’s independent advocates help to ensure that rights are upheld and that peoples’ views, wishes and needs are heard, respected and acted upon.

During the coronavirus epidemic, it is even more important that we ensure that this happens. Advocates are working their normal hours by email, phone and video link.

  • Advocates take action to help people say what they want, secure their rights, represent their interests and get the services they need.
  • Advocacy promotes inclusion, equality and social justice.
  • We help a wide range of people, including those with learning difficulties, long term health conditions,  dementia or memory loss as well as their families, carers and support staff.
  • Our Appropriate Adult service is led by an amazing team of volunteers. Without them, this project would not be able to operate. They support people in Police Custody.

Video: Welcome to Dorset Advocacy

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A volunteer advocate sits on a sofa chatting to a woman.

Success Story:

Meet Pat & her Advocate Karen

Pat has been receiving support from Dorset Advocacy for over a year. When her partner Charlie became very ill and was diagnosed with throat cancer, the Citizens Advice Bureau recommended her to our Dorset Macmillan Advocacy…..Read More
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Last month our advocates helped 150 local people get the services they need


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