Issues-based Advocacy


It is not always easy to get people to listen to you. Sometimes the best way to be heard is to ask somebody to help you…

Issues-based advocacy is for when you need help with a particular problem, and you feel that don’t have anyone who is on your side. This is an Advocate’s job. Issues might be:

  • At home, or moving house
  • At work or college
  • At your day centre
  • In the community
  • With bullying
  • Or with being a parent.

Advocates get to know you. They can speak up for you at meetings and other times, to help you to sort out problems. We can help a wide range of people, so it is best to call our Gateway number or email to find out if we can help you.

Phone 0300 343 7000, and one of our gateway team will be happy to talk with you about your situation.