How we look after your personal information

Dorset Advocacy is all about upholding people’s rights and privacy. This means we take the safety of your personal information very seriously.

If we support you or you are a volunteer

If you come to us for advocacy support, volunteer, or take part in one of our projects, you’ll probably give us personal information. We’ll tell you:

  • why and how we will keep your information.
  • How long we’ll keep it for.
  • How you can check that we are using your information properly.

More information

Privacy notice for people we help.

Word DocumentYour Right to Know the Information we hold about you.

If you donate to us

If you donate to Dorset Advocacy we’ll protect your data. We’ll also make sure that you get all the communications that you want from us and none that you don’t. We’ll make sure we have your permission to send you news or mailings. And, if you ever end that permission, we will destroy or return any personal information we hold about you within one week.

What to do if you have a concern about how we use your information

If you are ever unhappy about the way we use your information, or would like a copy of our full Data Protection Policy, please contact our Admin Manager via

If you want to take your complaint to an independent body, you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).