Volunteer Training

At Dorset Advocacy, when we recruit volunteers we want to ensure that we can help to provide them with the tools they need to support people across Dorset in the best and most professional way possible.

All of our new volunteers attend a two day induction course as well as project specific training and ongoing guidance from the Volunteer Manager, Project Coordinators and staff members throughout the organisation.

The induction introduces and explores the concept of advocacy and encourages volunteers to discuss and share ideas and experiences. Our induction also provides information about the organisation itself and aims to ensure that all those who complete the training feel confident in becoming a volunteer. Not only this, but some of the topics covered such as understanding safeguarding, person-centred care and developing communication skills can help to equip our volunteers with skills to help them move into the wider workplace.

As well as the induction and project specific training we also want to enable our volunteers to develop their skills and learn more about the work that they undertake. In order to do this we consult with them to try and identify what they feel their training needs are and look to source external specialists to deliver this also.