NHS Complaints

Help with NHS Complaints is a free, independent service that helps anyone who is dissatisfied with their experience of the NHS in Dorset to make a complaint.

From doctors, to dentists, hospitals and community services, NHS staff see us at difficult times in our lives. We expect high quality care from friendly staff and when this doesn’t happen, it can be distressing and even devastating. It is hard to know who to complain to, what to say, or how to say it. Our team will listen to you, and because we are independent, we will always put your views first.

We can help you with complaints about any aspect of the NHS: General Practitioners (GPs), dentists, hospitals and community health services (including mental health services).

Contact us if you:

  • Are unhappy but not sure if you have grounds for a complaint
  • Want help to understand the complaints procedure
  • Want to know how to complain and who to send a complaint to
  • Want help to put your complaint in writing
  • Need help to prepare for or attend a complaints resolution meeting

The incident you wish to complain about should have occurred in the past 12 months (or you should first have become aware of it during the past 12 months).

We can support you throughout the complaints process, even helping you to prepare a case for the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman if that is your wish.

Please note that we cannot help with claims for compensation, or with disciplinary investigations of NHS staff.

When I feel a bit weary with it all I think of you encouraging me and find a little more strength to carry on [Thank you email to NHS Complaints advocate].

Where does this project operate?

You need to live in Dorset, Bournemouth or Poole, and the treatment or service you want to complain about must have been provided or paid for by the NHS in one of these areas.

Where can I go if I am not in one of these areas?

If your care wasn’t commissioned or provided in Dorset, Bournemouth or Poole click here for the Healthwatch website to find the Independent Complaints Advocacy service in your area.