Litigation Friend

Dorset Advocacy’s Advocates can be appointed as litigation friends to make decisions about a court case for an adult who lacks the mental capacity to manage their own court case. To enquire about this service, please call us on 0300 343 7000.

Litigation Friends go to court if there’s a hearing, but can’t act as the other person’s lawyer. They ‘direct the proceedings’ on behalf of the other person. This means that they:

  • make decisions in the persons’ best interests
  • do everything they can to tell them what’s happening in the case and find out their wishes and feelings
  • talk to their solicitor about what’s happening, get advice from them and give instructions to them in the other person’s best interests

Who can be a litigation friend?

The court can appoint anyone to be a litigation friend, for example:

The court will appoint the Official Solicitor to act as a litigation friend if:

  • nobody else is suitable and willing to be litigation friend
  • there’s money available to pay the Official Solicitor’s costs, eg legal aid
  • the person’s doctor or another medical professional, eg their psychiatrist confirms they lack capacity to manage the case (unless they’re a child)

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