Experts by Experience


Checking-NHS_1024x1024Our Experts by Experience are a team of trained volunteers and paid staff. They are Experts in the issues faced by people with Learning Disabilities, because they have learning disabilities themselves.  They all have experience of using the types of public services that they are reviewing. Here are some examples of their work:

  1. “Quality Check” visits to our three main hospitals, in Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset.
  2. Visits to GP surgeries.
  3. Visits to people in CCG-funded residential care.
  4. Training for GPs.
  5. Training for hospital staff.

 We are also currently involved in a project funded by NHS England to trial the use of new Quality Checking “toolkits”.

ExpertsEmpowering people to make change happen is the core of our work. Our team share their knowledge and skills to make improvements to health and care services for people with learning disabilities. With lived-experience, they are able to bring invaluable insight and ideas, whilst also developing new skills and friendships along the way.

Barriers to using public services

People with learning disabilities often come across attitudes and systems which make health services hard to use. We also see lots of good things, and we report on these too, so that managers and front-line staff know what they are doing well. Our visits to health services look out for the following things, and more:

  • Choice and control
  • Access to information
  • Communication
  • Physical accessibility
  • Environment
  • Use of “Health Checks” and “Yellow Health Books”

We have recently been commissioned to visit Weldmar Hospice. We visited the hospice and wrote a report for their managers.  We very much welcome inquiries from other organisations who are committed to welcoming people with learning disabilities, and making their services inclusive and easy to use.  We would arrange a first meeting, to get a feel for the organisation, and then a full “Quality Check” visit by our team. We then follow this up with a report which outlines what is being done well already, and ideas for things that could be better. We then recommend a review after one or two years to track your progress.

To book our team to come and check your service, contact Sam Pavey by email: