Care Act Advocacy in Christchurch, Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset


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Person in a wheelchair with carer and Care Act 2014 Care Act 20


Care Act advocates support people with:

  • needs assessments
  • carer’s assessments
  • care and support planning
  • care reviews
  • needs assessments for a child or child’s carer
  • keeping safe from harm (safeguarding)

We help people to:

  • understand the process
  • communicate their views
  • understand their rights
  • challenge a local authority decision

People we can help

The Care Act says that to be eligible for advocacy, the person must have ‘substantial difficulty’ with taking part in assessments and reviews of their care needs. This means that the person may find it difficult to:

  • understand relevant information
  • remember information
  • use or weigh up information
  • communicate their views, wishes or feelings

We can only provide an advocate when there is no-one else who can support the person to have their views and wishes heard. For example, a family member or friend.


Download our Care Act Advocacy Referral Form (Word document)

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Care Act Advocacy referrals can only be made by Social workers.


Keeping your information safe

When we take a referral, we are responsible for keeping all personal information safe.
Find out how we look after their information