Continuing Healthcare

If you are eligible, you can receive NHS continuing healthcare, for example:

  • in your own home – the NHS will pay for healthcare, such as services from a community nurse or specialist therapist, and personal care, such as help with bathing, dressing and laundry
  • in a care home – as well as healthcare and personal care, the NHS will pay for your care home fees.

NHS continuing healthcare is free, unlike social and community care services provided by local authorities, for which you may be charged.

Understanding who is eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding, and how it is applied, is not easy.

An independent advocate will help you with the application and/or an appeal.

Continuing Healthcare (CHC) is National Health Service (NHS) funding for those whose care is primarily focused on addressing their health needs. People who meet the criteria for funding receive full funding for their care services, whatever income or savings they have. More information about CHC can be found on this link.

Our advocates will listen to you and help you to understand the CHC process. They will explain the way in which decisions about CHC funding are reached. Whether or not you decide to appeal, they will respect and support your decision. If you do appeal, you advocate will support you in making your appeal, including attending any panel hearing with you.

Where does this project operate?

This project is available to anyone who is claiming or applying for CHC funding from Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group.

Where can I go if I am not in one of these areas?

Please contact your local Advocacy provider as they may be able to help.