After almost 2 months of being retired I was wondering what I was going to do to fill my time, when in popped the monthly newsletter from Macmillan to my inbox; with a link to Dorset Advocacy; I got in touch and met Emily & Jen, they seemed to like me and, well, here I am. I don’t think I have ever been made to feel so welcome. The whole office gives off an aura of informality, enthusiasm, inclusion and a zest for what they do. What an incredible charity to work for – I absolutely love it! 

As we all know computers are often temperamental and the Dorset Advocacy database was true to form, for me anyway! I tried for hours to log in to no avail; I rang the office only for the phone to be answered by the CEO who was covering for the usual receptionist. No problem he said, took my details and promised to pass them onto the ‘IT techie chap’. Where else would the Chief Exec answer the phone in such a welcoming manner, where else would the Chief Exec answer the phone anywhere??? I was bowled over!

The cancer experience can leave patients and carers feeling less able to speak up at a time when they most need their voices to be heard; we can help people to access and understand information, explore their options and rights, and make sure their wishes are heard. We can focus on the individual and help them to see things more clearly. Advocacy means speaking up for or with another person. Dorset Macmillan Advocacy is able to offer this independent, flexible support to the over 50s to resolve difficulties such as;

    • Decisions about treatment or care
    • Work
    • Money
    • Housing

If I can persuade everyone I meet to volunteer for Dorset Advocacy I would. Dorset Macmillan Advocacy gives you the opportunity to do something really worthwhile with your time – helping people through one of the biggest challenges they will ever face, and often changing lives for the better!  Please, please give some of your time, you won’t regret it.

by Jane MacLeod, Dorset Advocacy Volunteer.