Spot Purchase Work

A number of Local Authorities around the country commission us to provide advocacy to people in the Dorset area.

We received great service and a very warm, caring approach, professional support to make a best interest decision for our client. [Source: Local Authority Best Interest Assessor]

You can Spot Purchase the following

  • Paid Representative and DOLS section 39a advocates.  We can’t currently provide Section 39d advocates for out of county authorities.
  • Care Act advocacy for people funded by out of county local authorities
  • Support for parents with learning disabilities. For people funded by Dorset and BCP Council we can undertake the first 8 hours under our existing Pan-Dorset contract.  As these cases usually go on for longer than we are funded for, we need a completed Spot Purchase agreement before we begin our advocacy work.
  • Litigation Friends for people under DOLS.


Please contact us on if you would like to work with us on a paid-per-hour basis.