Volunteer Roles

Are you looking for a fulfilling and interesting volunteer role in Dorset? Would you like to help us to support over 3,500 people each year? Here you can find out more about the varied volunteer opportunities available at Dorset Advocacy.

Over half our advocacy team are volunteers. They help people in Dorset to have a voice and assert their rights.

When you volunteer with us, you’ll join a team of 60 inspirational and committed volunteers. And you’ll be a highly valued member of our team. The work our volunteers do is crucial to us as it enables us to support more vulnerable people across Dorset. Interested in joining us? We have a wide variety of opportunities to choose from. Click or tap the heading below to find out more about each volunteer role.


Could you spare some time to support someone with a learning or physical disability or long-term condition?

As a volunteer advocate, you’ll provide vital support to individuals who are struggling to get their needs and wishes heard. You’ll build a relationship with your advocacy partner and support them to find and understand information about their situation. Together, you’ll look at their options and rights, explore choices and decide how to put their views across.

Advocacy can help in all sorts of situations and is led by the individual who would like support. Find out more about advocacy.

You’ll work with your advocacy partner over a few weeks/months, until the advocacy issue has been resolved in some way.

Where and when

We have volunteer advocate opportunities across Dorset, Poole and Bournemouth (including Christchurch).

This role will take half a day per week, during office hours. We’ll also offer you training.

Dorset Macmillan Cancer Advocate

Sorry, we are not currently recruiting new Macmillan Cancer Advocates.

Appropriate Adult

As a volunteer Appropriate Adult, you’ll attend police custody suites when an adult with learning disabilities, cognitive impairment or a mental health issue is taken in for questioning.

You’ll offer support at this crucial time, ensuring the individual understands what is asked of them, is treated well, and is not put under duress during the interview process. You’ll also help them understand the outcome of their time in custody. Appropriate adults don’t give legal or any other advice.

Following the interview, you’ll check in with a phone coordinator.

When you volunteer as an Appropriate Adult, you’ll receive one full day of training. You’ll also shadow experienced Appropriate Adults before you take on your own cases.

Find out more about the Appropriate Adult project.

Where and when

You’ll cover shifts on a monthly rota, for Weymouth and/or Bournemouth custody suite. We ask volunteers to commit to a minimum of one shift (6 hours) per week.
(Appropriate Adults are not always called out during their shift and rarely for longer than 2-3 hours).

We also ask that you can attend occasional training.

Appropriate Adult phone coordinator

As a phone coordinator, you’ll play a vital role in our Appropriate Adult service? When the police need to interview a vulnerable adult they’ll contact you. You’ll liaise with the police custody suite and arrange for an Appropriate Adult to attend the police station. You’ll take the details and find a volunteer Appropriate Adult to support the person.

Read Izzy’s experience of volunteering as a phone coordinator.

Where and when

You can work as a phone coordinator from your own home on a rota based system. We’ll give you a Dorset Advocacy mobile phone which will be active during your shift.

We particularly need phone coordinators out of office hours (evenings and weekends.


We are actively seeking trustees. As a trustee, you’ll bring strategic oversight to the running of Dorset Advocacy. Read more about becoming a trustee for Dorset Advocacy.

Social Media

Are you a Social Media whizz? We’d love your help! We don’t have any formal roles at present, but you can help us by liking and sharing our Facebook posts, starting conversations and telling your online contacts about us. Contact Clare Tarling for more information.

How do I become a volunteer?

We are looking for Appropriate Adults. Please contact Jenna, our AA Volunteer coordinator. You can call her on 01305 251033 or email jenna@dorsetadvocacy.co.uk. Jenna will talk to you about volunteering and send you application information. When you become an appropriate adult she’ll also support you in your role. We hope you’ll join us, we’ll warmly welcome you into our busy team!