Volunteer Roles

Dorset Advocacy is supported by 60 inspirational and committed volunteers. Volunteers will always be crucial to our work, enabling us to support over 3,500 people each year.

Over half our advocacy team are volunteers. They help people in Dorset to have a voice and assert their rights.


Could you spare some time to support someone with a Learning or Physical Disability or long-term condition?
Your partner may have experienced isolation or difficulty with communicating their wishes. They will benefit from having you by their side, listening to them and helping them get their voice heard. Advocacy is based around solving particular issues. This means that the person you help will be experiencing a particular difficulty, perhaps paying for some specialist equipment, moving house or getting the support they need in order to live independently. By getting to know your partner, finding out about their likes/dislikes, what they value in their life and the barriers they face, you can help them to turn their wishes into reality.
As a rough guide, each partnership requires half a day per week, including travel, meeting and admin time.

Appropriate Adult

We provide support for vulnerable adults who are in police custody in Bournemouth and Weymouth.
Volunteers are asked to commit to a minimum of one shift (6 hours) per week.
Appropriate Adults are there to ensure the welfare of the vulnerable adult, to help them understand the process, the information they are given, questions they may be asked and the outcome of their time in custody. They are not there to give legal or any other advice.
If you would like to help with this project, but not as an Appropriate adult, you could volunteer as “Phone Coordinator” – handling class from Custody Suites and finding volunteers to respond to each request. This can be done from your own home, on a rota based system.
Our volunteers bring varied experience and expertise to the role. Volunteers receive one full day of training, and will also ‘shadow’ experienced Appropriate Adults.

Appropriate Adult phone coordinator

Details to follow

Memory Recorder

Details to follow


Do you have experience of preparing funding bids to grant-making trusts? Do you have links to local businesses who may be able to help us? Could you help us to promote leaving a gift to Dorset Advocacy as a legacy? We’d like to hear from you!


We are actively seeking trustees. There is lots more information on our article about becoming a trustee for Dorset Advocacy.

Communications and Publicity

If you have skills in design, website updating, being interviewed on the radio or writing press releases, we would very much welcome your experience. Your time commitment and level of involvement is completely negotiable.

Dorset Macmillan Cancer Advocate

Details to follow

Who should I talk to about volunteering?

Emily Brown is our Volunteer manager. You can call her on 01305 251033 or email emily@dorsetadvocacy.co.uk. She will send you application information, suggest training and support you in your role. You will work directly with other members of staff for non-advocacy roles, eg. communications. Whatever happens, you will be warmly welcomed into our busy team!