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Dorset Advocacy and Ansbury Guidance have formed a new partnership to launch a Personal Assistant register called ‘Link Me Up’.

A personal assistant is someone who is usually employed directly by a person who needs support to live their life in a way they choose. They can also be employed by a family member or representative, when the person they are supporting does not have the capacity to be the employer. They can be self-employed if they satisfy the HMRC’s test.

As a personal assistant you are likely to be involved in many aspects of your employer’s life and may be asked to provide support in the home, at leisure or at work. The opportunity to focus directly on the needs of an individual and the diversity of the role and tasks is what often attracts many people to this type of work.

Skills for Care have produced an excellent guide for people who want to or are already working as a personal assistant which you can find on our website:

Register as a Personal Assistant, and you will get:

  • The opportunity to work directly for individual employers, enabling them to be more independent, part of their local community, and in control of their lives.
  • DBS Check
  • Reference Check
  • Free listing on the website
  • Support, information and advice

Register as an employer, and you will get:

  • A list of PAs to choose from, all of whom have had the checks listed above
  • Help with shortlisting and interviewing, if needed
  • Templates for employment contracts, job descriptions…etc
  • Signposting to payroll and account management services

The register is free to use if you are:

  • A PA (it doesn’t matter where you live)
  • An employer with social care funding from Dorset Adult and Community Services
  • An employer with social care funding from Dorset Children’s Services
  • An employer with a Personal Health Budget from Dorset CCG

Visit our website to register as an employer or a PA:
or phone Dorset Advocacy on 0300 343 7000 for more information.

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